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The Bio-Compost Answer®

At Environmental Care & Share, we are all about working hand-in-hand with mother nature to bring our soils back to their original state- the way they were intended to be. Due to "All Life Being Electric," we've created naturally formulated, organic products the electrically breakdown waste and convert it into nutritional content for our soils and all of the life living within it.
The BIO-COMPOST ANSWER® is a blend of enzymes formulated to stimulate microbial activity in manure and plant waste composting, waste site storage, other composting applications and pond clarification.


USDA APPROVED for use in sewage
and/or drain lines of official establishments
operating under the Federal meat, poultry,
shell egg grading, and egg products
inspections program.

SDS (Safety Data Sheet)
OMRI Certificate
Certificate of Kashruth: KOSHER — PARVE

This product is used for composting




The BIO-COMPOST ANSWER® is the ultimate tool for composting and the key to managing municipal solid and liquid waste management. The product is more than just a typical composting aid, as it 'electrically' converts waste into a structured energy source for your soil, but also our environment.
​The BIO-COMPOST ANSWER® is an all natural, biochemical product that accelerates microbiological activity and replication to more rapidly breakdown and transform a wide spectrum of organic and inorganic matter while dissipating odor in livestock manure, plant waste, waste site storage, and other composting applications.
​The BIO-COMPOST ANSWER® was created to energize and stimulate the naturally occurring microorganisms that assist in the composting process and the remediation of toxic, hazardous conditions- making it the perfect addition for compost piles, lagoons and in house composting.
​The BIO-COMPOST ANSWER® is a highly concentrated system of all organic, enzymatic substances and vitamin precursors made available to nature's largest workforce- indigenous microbial life which are effective in keeping the composting matter in a highly oxygenated state. This is very useful in odor remediation and in increasing the speed of composting. It also contains a complete system of liquid blended enzymes, used for microorganism stimulation. This makes it possible to stimulate microorganisms in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions.
The BIO-COMPOST ANSWER® can be applied as a composting aid to: Landfills, Garden Composting, Crops/Fields, Grow-Out Facilities, Compost Bins & Tanks, and many more.


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