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Environmental Care & Share: Leading the way for industrial change

The EC&S Answer: Each and everyday, our world is advancing to mold and shape our future, but the question still remains whether or not the processes we have chosen are implemented correctly and done the right way, “Always Having Our Environment's Best Interest At Heart?” ​
Environmental Care & Share is the leading ambassador for the "Voice Of Industrial Change," as we make our impact by manufacturing environmentally-friendly products that work hand-in-hand with nature to bring it back to its full abundance. Our primary focus is to find The Answers to critical problems and issues worldwide, as we specializes in community outreach, educational outreach, and both environmental and health care awareness. We use structured innovative research and hands-on experience to generate positive results at the bottom line. EC&S and it’s products have been recognized as of the most impactful, effective and efficient ways to solve old problems; without creating new ones.

Agricultural Line: Fertilizer Answers

At Environmental Care & Share, we are all about working hand-in-hand with mother nature to bring our soils back to their original state- the way they were intended to be. The Answer® Agricultural Line consists of one NPK Fertilizer, The Nano-AG Answer®.

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Agricultural Line: Compost Answers

Due to "All Life Being Electric," we've created naturally formulated, organic products the electrically breakdown waste and convert it into nutritional content for our soils and all of the life living within it.

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Agricultural Line: Soil Conditioners

Environmental Care & Share and it’s products have been recognized as of the most impactful, effective and efficient ways to solve old problems; without creating new ones. And our soil conditioning line provides a direct route to a sustainable lifestyle.

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Agricultural Line: Animal Health

At Environmental Care & Share, our animals are a part of our family, even our livestock. That said, their overall health is a crucial to their daily routine. Our Animal product line was developed to work from the beginning through the end of animal issues.

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Cleaning Products

Environmental Care & Share offers an innovative line of biodegradable, environmentally safe, and impactful cleaning products for your home, janitorial services, commercial industry services and much more. Our dealers count on us to supply them with powerful and effective, yet non-toxic, products for bio-remediation, odor control, cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting.

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UrthPlant Organics

This is organic gardening at its best, made easy. Even a 'brown thumb' may easily grow a stunning organic garden with UrthPlant. Just one tiny packet creates organic liquid fertilizer to cover 3,000 square feet. UrthPlant is made of Microbes, Sea Kelp and Electrolytes.

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Dr. William R. Jackson, PhD., ScD. Interviews

listen in on these intriguing conversations regarding health, well being and the use and benificial properties of Fulvic Acid in our daily lives.

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Doc's Bookstore

​Dr. William R. Jackson, PhD. ScD. has devoted his time and energy to helping our planet heal from the injuries brought about by many of man’s short-sighted quests for “betterment.” His scientific research has led him to believe that nature is not only the best way to solve old problems, but the most impactful and crucial resource we have. These books reflect a lifetime of research and enlightenment.

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