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We Know There Are Needs…

• More food – Not just more ‘quantity’, but more nutritional value be it either plant or animal.
• Remediation that assists Nature’s biological transformation of what we have already contaminated.
• Provide safe and effective alternativesIn order to effect change, the producers and consumers need options to help them meet and balance *Demand *Health *Economics, and the *Environments in which we all live.

Better Stewardship of Life’s Natural ResourcesWater used more effectively and wisely, especially in these times of changing climates.
Soil freed from toxic and hazardous substances that reduce the humic layer and conflict with its ability to balance water retention, promote root growth, and supply micro- and macro-nutrients for plant growth, stability and the ability to grow more on less land.
Air that is no longer treated as a dumping ground for toxic waste that falls back to the soil, water, plants, animals and humans.

Answering the Needs…

Nature uses it’s vast and versatile armies of micro- and macro-organisms to till soil, balance water needs, transform toxic waste, and help increase plant and animal energy for better, natural immunity to stress and disease – to help grow more, grow better, and grow healthier.
For over thirty years, Dr. William R. Jackson, PhD, ScD, and his team at Environmental Care & Share have studied the needs and he formulates the answers that promote and partner with Nature’s living, breathing, working biological Army: The essence of and power behind Life more abundant here on Earth.

Making the Answers Work For You…

In his award winning book, Humic, Fulvic and Microbial Balance: ORGANIC SOIL CONDITIONING, Dr. Jackson paved the way to understand the basic fundamentals of how Nature has made it work so well since creation.
Now, in the soon to be released, full color, Volume II: Humic, Fulvic and Microbial Balance - LIFE: MORE ABUNDANT, Dr. Jackson presents a treasure trove of over 1400 pages of published and unpublished, charts and pictures, empirical, antidotal, and down to earth hands-on evidence of What, Where, Why, When and How you, too, can make the answers work for you with higher yield, less cost and better social and environmental stewardship. Once you see Dr. Jackson’s re-formatted Chart of Elements, you will understand how easy it really is, and you will be truly amazed that no one showed you this before!

You will receive:
Humic, Fulvic and Microbial Balance:

Vol I ORGANIC SOIL CONDITIONING (No charge-$149.00 value gift to you)

NanoTechnology: Agriculture for the 21st Century (No charge-A gift to you)

Dr. Jackson’s re-formatted Chart of Elements(No charge-A gift to you)

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